Cole Global Enterprise was established in 2000 to provide process improvement and software consulting solutions to medium and large market companies. Armed with over twenty years of manufacturing and technology consulting experience we begin acquiring tech and manufacturing companies in 2013 to increase their overall market value. CGE eschewed traditional investment strategies of spreading risk across sectors and decided instead to focus exclusively on our experience with manufacturing and technology solutions. Today, we are an investment firm with an operational arm, CGE Consulting Group. CGE manages a series of private equity and credit funds. In each case, these funds are generally focused on leveraging the firm’s substantial knowledge, experience, and intellectual capital in the manufacturing and technology sectors.


The CGE approach to creating value focuses on unlocking potential that others cannot see. CGE provides advantage through a disciplined investment focus on companies that provide mission-critical manufacturing and technology-enabled solutions and offer opportunities for growth and improvement in their operations. We partner with world-class management teams across our companies, which aim to grow and reach their full potential, and utilize our dedicated team of operational experts to generate lasting value through the implementation of best practices.

CGE brings engineering-like process, focus, and discipline to the value creation process. We have created a scalable model by developing best practices that help improve a company’s efficiency and profitability and enhance its growth opportunities. Best practices are created by and for CGE’s management teams, and touch on all aspects of growth and operational strategies, and seek to capture and share collective learnings across the CGE ecosystem.

We believe the market opportunity for investing in manufacturing and technology companies remains strong. The pursuit of operational excellence, demonstrated execution capability, and patient capital remains CGE’s winning combination for long-term success.


Our success and the success of our companies starts with talent. That is why CGE prides itself on hiring exceptional people who have the demonstrated potential to grow and develop within our investment teams, consulting practice, and our companies over the course of their career.

To do this, we match those interested in working at CGE with opportunities that reflect their strengths and talents. We strive to provide opportunities that allow our team members to pursue their passions both in and outside of the workplace, with ample opportunities for professional development.

CGE is an equal opportunity employer committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture. Our highly motivated team features individuals with a wide range of skillsets and expertise required for the multitude of CGE roles across our investment, administration, operations, and portfolio company teams.

We are committed to continually strengthening the culture of excellence within our CGE family, and a key factor in that pursuit is our people. We are honored that you are considering CGE for your next career move, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Interested candidates please upload your cover letter and resume.




CGE Equity Partners employees identify investment opportunities and partner with management teams to create value across the manufacturing and technology ecosystem. CG offers roles for investment, operating, investor relations, and fund administration professional interested in advancing their careers across all of our investment strategies.



CGE Consulting Group employees’ partner with our companies to offer subject matter expertise, best practices, and cross-portfolio collaboration. CGE Consulting Group offers opportunities from entry-level generalists to tenured executives across sale, marketing, operations, finance, human resources, process improvement, product management and software development.



CGE portfolio company employees’ deliver mission critical manufacturing and technology solutions. CGE portfolio companies are seeking talent across all experience levels and functional expertise at numerous locations around the US, offering comprehensive training and development programs to employees looking to grow their skill set and advance their careers.