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We have the largest selection of Quality Dome Magnifiers. Dome Magnifiers are ideal for magnifying small type, and enhanced reading of newspapers, maps, contracts, architecture plans, marine and aviation charts, negatives, documents, bills, and people with macular degeneration!

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Most Dome models include polishing storage pouch.

A custom laser engraved Dome Magnifier makes an ideal impactful corporate gift, that will be used for years.

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Dome Magnifier is a unique Magnifier that is uniquely designed to be a light gathering magnifier that has a particular half circle shape. A Dome Magnifier is likely the easiest magnifier type to use, just place on the surface and look down into the Dome Magnifier, its pre focused by design. Our Domes are constructed from optical grade highly polished solid acrylic. This provides a distortion free pre focused 3x - 4x magnifying power, depending on model chosen. (As with all lenses as Lens size goes up lens magnification decreases.) A dome magnifier will glide effortlessly across a smooth reading surface and makes reading small print a pleasure; because they are pre-focused you simply place the magnifier directly on the item to be viewed. Their natural bright field design allows ambient light to be drawn in from all sides and naturally illuminates your magnification surface. This easy use and wide field of view makes the dome magnifier the perfect optical tool for enhanced reading of magazines, newspapers, maps, marine and aviation charts, contracts, architecture plans and other reading material. They are an ideal low vision aid for the visually impaired, and is an effective and often recommended reading aid for the visually challenged, especially those with macular degeneration, and myopia. Both our 3.5 and 4.5 inch Dome are large enough to magnify the entire column of most newspapers into one field of view. The 4.5" is huge and makes an incredible map, chart, and geological drawing magnifier. Dome Magnifiers are the ideal reading magnifier for anyone that loves to read.

Most models include polishing storage pouch, and can be custom laser engraved to make an ideal corporate gift.

Our Dome Magnifiers are made of Optical Grade 100% Acrylic! Don't be fooled by lower quality products.

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