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Dome Magnifiers magnify images and type for easy reading and viewing. Dome Magnifiers are ideal for reading newspapers, looking at maps, charts, contracts, architecture plans, negatives, documents, menus, bills, and other reading material!

Highest quality, Low prices! Our Domes are Made of Optical Grade Acylic.

Highly recommended for Macular Degeneration

Dome magnifiers, sometimes called hemispherical magnifiers, or bright field magnifiers are unique lens shaped solid acrylic magnifiers, that are hand polished and have a Magnification of 3.5x to 4x. Dome Magnifier unique design allows them to glide effortlessly across any smooth reading surface and makes reading small print a pleasure; because of their pre-focused design you can simply place the magnifier directly on the flat item or suface to be viewed, no holding or focusing. The Dome Magnifiers unique clear lens shape design allows ambient light to be drawn in from all sides and naturally illuminating your magnification surface. All Dome Magnfiiers are self-focusing to provide superlative image clarity and are an ideal reading/vision aid for the visually challenged, and who often having a hard time holding a traditional magnifier in focus. The 3.5 inch and larger are both large enough to magnify the entire newspaper column of most newspapers and magazines. Five versatile sizes are available 2″inch, 2.5″, 3″ 3.5″ and huge 4.5″

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