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Senjuti Chatterjee

Senjuti Chatterjee

Founder- Nick of Time

Senjuti is the founder of Nick of Time Coffee in India. She liked coffee as far as she can remember growing up as a child. She has always wanted to share her fondness for coffee with other coffee lovers in India.

For this she teamed up with some of the best coffee suppliers in Africa, the birth place of coffee beans. Senjuti has also brought together a team of fellow coffee lovers Pooja, Noor & Palak for Nick of Time.

The main purpose of the organisation is to share our excitement for the coffee with other connoisseurs in India.


Pooja Rawat

For as long as Pooja can remember, she has been a huge coffee buff. During her college days at the Delhi University, she would find herself sipping on roadside instant coffee and its back then that she knew she could not get through her day without that small cuppa- every single day.

After finishing her graduation in Commerce from Delhi University, Pooja stumbled upon the ‘Nick of Time’ venture and immediately lapped it up. Her love for coffee, coupled with Nick of Time's unique selling proposition make this job a love affair for her.

Senjuti Chatterjee

Nurjahan (Noor)

Noor may not be coffee lover but she enjoys her work with Nick of Time only for the variety and excitement it brings to her desk everyday. She loves to study and examine the different speciality coffee ingredients, making process, packaging and basically everything that makes them so loved around the world. Another aspect of this job that she enjoys are the varied coffee aromas and the blends associated with them.

Noor feels that she is learning a great deal at Nick of Time and looks forward to many such special experiences in the near future.

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