African Drip Coffee Bags (10 Count)

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Nick of Time Presents "DRIP COFFEE BAGS".

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Pre-packaged drip coffee is a new product in the coffee market intended for everyone from coffee aficionados to the person looking for a quick cup of coffee. Great to take a few packets on-the-go. Small and light convenient package to take anywhere such as work, gym, or camping to name a few. Have a fresh and gourmet cup of coffee quickly with the addition of hot water. Our drip coffee contains 100% pure premium ground arabica coffee beans. It contains microground coffee individually packaged in paper filters that allows our coffee lovers to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee any time in the day and anywhere.

Nick of Time India has introduced the best coffee with the drip bag process to bring you the "kick" found in a fresh brew. TRY YOUR 1ST DRIP COFFEE!!! Only hot water & a cup to brew a perfect cup of coffee. Pack of 10 bags (each bag contains 10gm freshly roasted AFRICAN Arabica coffee). Single-serving packaged to guarantee a long shelf-life. High quality product. Dark roast, 100% premium Arabica ground coffee drip bags. Ensure the purest regional flavor. Freshly packed premium coffee.

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