About Us

We here in Renewable Currents Trading Est. are looking for a better way to innovate the Gulf countries with technologies that are efficient and effective for the future and we’ve come with solutions not for us but for the Arabian Gulf region.

A touch is what it takes to build a more sustainable environment, we are willing to make an effort for a brighter, cleaner, eco-friendly future, thus we have our vision, mission, and strategies to provide many solutions for you.

Our Vision is to become the best in class in providing services related to renewable energy and solar energy in terms of quality and efficiency in engineering, procurement and construction in the Kingdom and the Arabian Gulf Countries by 2020 according to the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.

Our Mission:

  • Contribution to the Kingdom's economic and social development inline with the 2030's Vision.
  • Contribution to enviroment protection and conservation of national resources.
  • Education of community about the importance, benefits and applications of solar energy.
  • Localization and training of Saudi Arab talented workforce.
  • Reduction of electricity billing cost and ensure fair return of investment. 

Our Strategy is to establish electronic commerce business for renewable products and services utilizing best IT enabling solutions.

And also, develop  company framework, EPC processes and acuire qualified resources to manage and support Renewable Currents' products and services.

We also focus on developing strategic alliance and partnership with credible, reliable and high quality renewable products & services industries from Saudi, China. Europe India that can support Saudi and Arabian Gulf markets.

Furthermore, establishing alliances with local providers and distribution channels to provide quick delivery and better support.