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About Us

Renewable Currents is a private establishment to be formed, located in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This establishment will be specialized in importing, sales, marketing and after sales services (include installation & maintenance) of renewable energy and power generation products and solutions.

This will include but not limited to solar and wind systems, and related equipment for generating conventional and renewable electrical energy.

Other components include supporting tools, spare parts, transformers, batteries, measuring devices, connectivity and distribution solutions for the electric power.

Future include manufacturing some of the renewable energy component, parts and or systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Investment in importing and or manufacturing solar powered vehicles can also be reviewed if feasible.

The Renewable Currents Establishment will initially focus its business in imports, marketing and distribution of renewable energy generators, solar and winds systems and support components which are primarily used for small and medium applications.

The business will target residential and commercial facilities or buildings which require hybrid solutions (i.e. off-grid with future on-grid connectivity) which can be mounted near or on top of these facilities.

This may include fixed and portable energy systems and components which can also be utilized in farms, tents (picnics sites), remote locations, or within homes and industrial buildings or facilities.

The generated electric power should support homes’ and commercial offices internal/external lighting, water and swimming pools heating or house cooling as well as industrial electric applications.

Future plan will include manufacturing of specific solar systems, racking and support structure components.