Solar Energy

Our services include importing, selling, and installing solar and renewable energy products and the choices are to provide with a study of the area and with the help of our engineers, they'll advise you with the best specifications that fits the market in terms of electrical capacity and toleration of the enviroment and weather condtions. 

We install according to the need of the project and follow-up for the warranty period.

We provide operating services and maintenance of the systems and devices, and provide consulting and technical feasiblity and commercial studies.

Advantages Of Solar Energy:

  • Eco-friendly unpolluted
  • Renewable
  • Reduced bills and electrical consumption 
  • Safe from fires
  • Hige quality sun rays in KSA 
  • Easily installation 
  • No noise

Our solutions are Commercial Solar, Solar Water Pump, Street Lighting, Residential Solar.

Off Grid System

This type of solar system can generate electric power without being connected to the power grid.

It's usually used for the locations that are far away from the power grid systems and rely on the sun and batteries for provisioning of electricity needs. It's sutiable for remote areas and alternative diesel and gasoline.

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On Grid System

It is a solar system that can generate electricity and connected to the electricity grid. No batteries are required for this type and on grid solar system can result into reduced operational costs.

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