LED Lighting

We can provide a huge variety of LED lighting solutions with various amount of products from one of the best companies manufacturer and design, compatible for any areas in need.

The types of solutions that we provide are outdoor and indoor lightings, we have the ideal LED lights avaliable with bright and great quality and perfect design.

From LED track light, linear design, light cuts, archi tectural lighting, tailor made light, bulbs, street lights, and so many more all designs for your benefits and needs.

Outdoor LED Lighting Poles

Our outdoor service is provided with extreme care, we oblige the needs of the customer and cooperate

with our suppliers to accommedate high efficency and top quality products by world class professionals.

The products are built for an eco-friendly enviroment and designed with the perfect materialized manufacturing for your own benefits.

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Decorative Indoor Lighting

Renewable Currents provides an articulate assortment of indoor lighting, fittings both for architectural and commercial application. The proposed solutions are aimed at satisfying multiple requirements, ranging from a simple decorative effect to a more innovative lighting design.

In addition to that a supportive technical office can evaluate the best lighting solutions for any customer's lighting requirements.

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