About Us

After going through two failed marriages, Grace couldn’t imagine her life being complete again. Through her personal experiences of hardships and sufferings, she found her voice through Shine through it to be an encouragement to many women and girls going though broken hearts. Understanding of how it feels to be heartbroken, betrayed, disappointed, lied to, manipulated, accused of, trash talked, looked upon like you will never amount to anything, Grace knew she could use her experiences to help others going through the same thing. After losing everything she had and sadly loosing herself, she decided to turn her pain into power by helping others rise above the challenges of past betrayal, disappointments, divorce and abandonment. With her experience, Grace continue to show other women and girls how to turn their pain into purpose, and draw from their greatest disappointments the wisdom and strength they need to build a better future. She believes in living a better life after divorce or broken relationship. “You do not have to just survive your hardship; you can Shine Through It.” Among the many lessons she has shared with others are; refusing to live like a victim, isolating the problem, letting God’s perfect love heal their scars, and giving to others the healing they receive from God. She helps others learn to receive God’s grace, make restitution, and develop the right attitude about themselves. She definitely helps others in finding themselves and know their worth.

Today Shine Through It is doing more that supporting women going through divorce and broken relationships; It’s clothing and feeding the hungry worldwide, supporting economic growth to women groups in India, providing sexual health education to primary and secondary schools in Tanzania, supporting the disfranchised families in Nakuru-Kenya, and empowering women and girls of all races and economic backgrounds in Houston, TX and around the world to Live a life of purpose.

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